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Andrew-Swart-2Andrew Swart

Andrew Swart and his wife Priscilla, originally from South Africa, emigrated with their three children to the United States in 1977.

As an executive of an international company, he continued to broaden his experience in the financial services industry in the United States in both corporate and personal financial planning environments.

While he has held numerous executive positions over this period in Texas, New York, and Georgia, this 35 year activity included developing programs focused on wealth preservation and secure retirement solutions for individuals.

His affiliation with Retire Secure, LLC now further allows him to expand on the seeking out of unique financial solutions to seniors’ problems, thus adding to his numerous years of experience in working with home equity conversion mortgages ( also referred to as Reverse Mortgages).

He believes that careful counseling and situation analysis should always precede the implementation of any financial transaction.

NMLS #252735


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